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Monday, 12 August 2013

SHED in Galway on the 8th of August 2013 - Galway Dance Project and Kitchen Collective

Galway Dance Project says: "Well done and thank you to Berni, Elise, Elodie and Judith for a beautiful sharing of your exploration of Butoh this evening. Thank you to everyone who came (over 65 people in attendance!) but a really special thank you to Ambra for your generosity and genius. A lovely evening". 

In July I was invited by Galway Dance Project to give two slots of workshops, one of which geared towards the building of a performance.

The first workshop was based on concentrating on foundation exercises following with the same engaged in the process of evocation, imagination and exploration of "becoming rose" "dancing rose".
The workshop saw more than 10 participants that remarkably dived into the practice!

The second workshop was an intensive 3days in which a smaller group developed the theme of "shed" "shedding". This also due to the fact that the 25mins performance was being held in the Shed (Kitchen Collective) in Galway.

The performance was a success, Berni, Elise, Elodie and Judith really engaged with the practice rigorously bringing to the audience the rawness and vulnerability of their own unique dance.

I take this opportunity to thank Galway Dance Project, Lisa Hallinan and the Kitchen Collective for having me there and for making Shed happen.


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