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“There are as many types of Butoh as there are Butoh choreographers.” - Tatsumi Hijikata

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Dublin, Ireland
Butohcafe, a monthly event where you can come and experience Butoh dance and watch a performance; classes are for everyone, no previous experience needed. Events and classes are created with the intention of developing a Butoh appreciation in Dublin and Ireland.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

and a Thank You to all the participants that came and made Butoh Cafe!

I take  this moment to thank all the participants that came over the months and made Butoh Cafe a vibrant, intimate, loud space to explore curiously!

 Thank You to: Exchange Dublin, Katrin Neue,

 Thomas Stewart, Antje O'Tool, Conleth White, Enda Moran, Zoe 

Andrew and the Barge Crew! Paula Geraghty, Mary at Exchange

Dublin, Conor at exchange Dublin.

And Thank you to Galway Dancing Days and Galway Dance 

Project and Lisa Hallinan!

A special Thank You to Petra Schnabel for the wonderful photos 

taken during the performance. You can check them on 


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