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Thursday, 11 July 2013

Galway Dance Project Butoh days- July 2013

Thanks to Lisa Hallinan and a wonderful group of curious and exploring women, the workshop in Galway is going very well.

A two days and a three day session saw slow walkers delving deep to find and discover dancing through images and off balances and stillness.

The first session explored foundation exercises - slow walk, internal moving, off-balance walking, exploring drunken/sharp oppositions while walking and in pairs, tiger and grasshopper, and stillness. The imaginary proposed to develop in one's own dance have been those of seed germinating and rose.

I must say it has been beautiful to witness such dances.

The second session, which just ended on the 10th of July saw a more intensive training and I must underline how committed and focus every participant was!
In this session we explored eye movement, skeleton exploration and bone body, eyes moving drunken body.
We developed and improvised on the theme: "to shed".
This due to the fact that on the 9th of August we will perform in the Shed in Galway.


I just want to express my gratitude towards Lisa, Judit and all the women that came and gave themselves to the dance, and just danced!

Well Done!

Truly looking forwards to August!

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