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“There are as many types of Butoh as there are Butoh choreographers.” - Tatsumi Hijikata

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Butohcafe, a monthly event where you can come and experience Butoh dance and watch a performance; classes are for everyone, no previous experience needed. Events and classes are created with the intention of developing a Butoh appreciation in Dublin and Ireland.

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Butoh Festival Dublin: August 2013

In August Dublin will see the second edition of the Butoh Festival!

Butoh Festival is organised by Katrin Neue, director, Ambra, co-director and Antje O'Tool design and secretary, and Shinobu Koiwa, international project manager. You can read more about the members here: http://butohfestivaldublin.com/team/

Butoh Cafe works in tandem with the festival as a space for practice and audience development. In the past months, since it has been set up, more that fifty people showed interest and came along to enjoy the event.

We hope to see them and you amongst the festival's audience, enjoying both shows and workshops!

Butoh Dublin Festival runs entirely on the team's fundraising efforts. If you are interested in supporting the festival you can donate some spare change here http://butohfestivaldublin.com/ or help us to raise money in our campaign click here:

Thank you!

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