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Thursday, 2 October 2014

Blossoming Rose: First Butoh Cafe at Teatro Espace Torino

July the 8th saw the first Butoh Cafe' in Torino held at teatro Espace as part of Moving Bodies Butoh Festial - www.movingbodiesfestival.com.

As it was held as concluding event, I decided to work on movements that can makes us blossom; images and internal movements that can aid us in the cyclical capacity of bringing the depts of existence to manifestation in simple ways; moving skeletons to smooth our steps; unleashing roots to reach the depts of the earth and bring it all up through a blossoming into the real.

The participants were really engaging and left happy and touched by Butoh dance and its practice.
I was very happy!

Here you can see some images of the improvisation "

Photo Credit: Ken Mai

Blossoming Rose" - close to 40 mins. I really enjoyed bathing in the poetics of the theme.

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