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“There are as many types of Butoh as there are Butoh choreographers.” - Tatsumi Hijikata

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Butohcafe, a monthly event where you can come and experience Butoh dance and watch a performance; classes are for everyone, no previous experience needed. Events and classes are created with the intention of developing a Butoh appreciation in Dublin and Ireland.

Friday, 27 September 2013

EVENING CLASSES from THURSDAY 10th Of OCTOBER from 7 to 8.15

Come along to myart dublin on dame st. for evening butoh classes!
7pm to 8.15 every thursday next Class 10th of October

Butoh dance combines artistic and poetic qualities present in everyone and an in-depth development of our physical self to explore the infinite possibilities of our bodies. It provides an opportunity to work through our blockages: the daily routine, the stress accumulated during the day or particular life transitions can just be softened and danced through or used as fertilizers for new images to dance with.
Practicing moving from the perceptible to the imperceptible helps develop the capacity of inner vision in order to perceive the layers our body is made of, while multi-sensory visualizations allow us to witness the dance finding its inspiration from within the poetics of nature, life and one’s own personality.
This practice is beneficial and helps in developing physical mastery and opening a path of self-discovery. It aids in awareness of our emotional landscape and how this then translates in our physical body.  Practicing Butoh, we are capable to be present in the moment with all our selves. Butoh classes are useful for:
  • Drama/theatre practitioners and students
  • Dance/physical performers
  • Developing a mind-body practice or simply anyone interested in deepening self-knowledge, self expression and/through poetic visions and bodily awareness
Price: 7 weeks – 85 euro, concession for students – 75, drop in 15 euro
"Ambra was precise, soft and firm in her sharing her skills and knowledge of Butoh practice.
I was immediately at home in the work and felt supported to engage deeply". Bernadette Divilly, Dance Movement Therapist. Ireland

"I found Ambra had an ability to share her knowledge of buoh in a way that supported
and honoured each persons creativity - even a complete beginner to movement practice. For me she offered a profound connection with the world we live in and a liberating form of expressing that." M. F.

Here the link to myart

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